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Rules are meant to be broken.

Internet connections are not.

With a focus on your customer experience, a dedication to net neutrality, and up to 10 Gigabit speeds, Atlas Networks is your last truly local independent Seattle Telecom company.
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The Atlas Story

I'm Ryan, the founder and CEO of Atlas, and a serial entrepreneur.

I have been working in the computer, data center and telecom industry pretty much my entire life. I am just old enough to remember the bulletin board days of Prodigy Internet Service, and I will even begrudgingly admit to having been an AOL dial-up customer. In the 90s, I installed a 128 kbps ISDN circuit (or, in English, a once-fast pre-DSL Internet connection) in my house and started re-selling it to neighbors. That was my humble beginning in the Internet business.

The big telecom and cable companies are inefficient, and in my opinion, do not really care about the customer experience. To me, the customer experience is not just the initial phone call to set up service, or how easy it is to log in and pay your bill every month . . .

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The Atlas Story

Established in 2008, Atlas Networks is your locally owned gigabit Internet and telephone service provider for commercial and residential communities alike!

Atlas Networks was founded in 2008 with the vision of providing superior telecommunications solutions for the rapidly growing Seattle community. To us, that means three things: fast and reliable local Internet and telephone services, elite customer service, and affordable prices. We handle all of the installation and setup, but our work doesn’t stop there: We monitor our customers’ connections constantly, troubleshooting problems as soon as they arise to ensure peak performance and speed.

Not sure what services or speed you need? Our team of technology experts will work with you to determine your unique network requirements and guide you through the entire process. Enjoy no contracts, no unnecessary fees, no bandwidth caps, plus a price-lock guarantee for five years. The result is affordable, efficient Internet and phone service with a personal, professional touch. That’s the Atlas advantage.


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Atlas is a Proud Member of:

Atlas is the last independent telecom company in Seattle and when compared to our national rivals, we’re certainly the underdog… but we love our renegade status! We’re a company of hardworking, technology loving, gigabit crazy, customer-centric, geeky (well most of us) people that pour our hearts in to this company. We’re a company of friends, a company of passion, a company focused on innovation and the customer experience. We’re a company that, despite our size, gives back to our community every day through low cost or donated internet in low-income housing, free gigabit-powered public Wi-Fi hotspots, and support for community focused non-profits. I invite you to engage with us and experience the Atlas difference.